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You Are Here 2017


You Are Here. Finally, you--a college freshman--have arrived at the next major phase of your life. But where is that exactly? This big shift can be disorienting and take some acclimation. Figuring out where you are both in the immediate sense (where's the SUB?) and at the deepest levels (who is God and what--if anything--might he want for us?) is a monumental journey that you will embark on when you arrive on August 16.

Some answers are obvious: I am at college, at Truman, in northeast Missouri, some place called Kirksville. Other answers are less straightforward and perhaps mean more (or less) than we thought: I am entering a highly-anticipated but unprepared-for state of Independence. I am on a new path that will shape the course of my life. I am in a world tearing apart at the seams, somehow also being renewed by the kingdom of God.  I am somewhere in relation to God. 

At Campus Christian Fellowship, we want to walk alongside you as you discover where it is that you are. That will change, no doubt, from your first day on campus to your graduation. But we think the first days of getting your bearings are vital, and we would love to be here for you as you start to ask these important questions. You are finally here. We would love to meet you and help you get your bearings. 

To that end, all during your first week of class, we will be hosting social events at the CCF House. We call this week of events You Are Here. 5 days of free food, fun events, and lots of people who would love to get to know you. 5 days that will help you find a Christian community, hear about the hows, whys, and whats of our ministry, as well as have some fun and settle in to your new home. We'll move you in to your dorm room on Move-In Day, give you free t-shirts, explore exactly where it is we are in college, feed you a good supper once a day, and provide a place with lots of new people--other brand new freshmen as well as amazing upperclassmen--to meet. If this at all sounds to you like a good way to orient yourself to the college life, please come by and join in the festivities! A schedule of events is shown below. All events take place at the CCF House, 1010 S. Halliburton in Kirksville. That's one block east of campus on Randolph street, behind BNB and Dobson Hall.  

**If you would like any additional information on CCF's Truman Week events or on how to connect with CCF once you get here, please email Reed at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For more information about CCF, you can also download a copy of our CCF Handbook.


Fall 2017 Services

Sunday: 9:00 and 10:30am

Wednesday: 7:00pm

All services are in Violette Hall 1000


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