Stay Connected

A Christian Body That Always Changes

CCF is a body that is constantly changing. By nature, being a college campus ministry, every year new students come in and settle in here and seniors graduate and move on. This peculiar position has, over a long period of time, made CCF into a Christian body with rich roots and now a great deal of diversity in both its alumni and current student body. Alumni have spread out across the world and are leading a vast array of lives with families and occupations. Many students find a home in CCF during their four (or five or six or seven) years at Truman and even in that short time develop a very strong and lasting connection to the body here. Many choose to remain a part and stay involved for many years after graduating by coming to visit, going on trips with us, supporting CCF financially, and staying informed by receiving our newsletters. We encourage you to think about remaining connected in one or all of these ways if you have moved on.