Invested in Community

Thousands of years ago Jesus began a practice among his followers that was a good idea. He began the small group. He gathered twelve guys together (his disciples) and created an atmosphere in which they could learn and grow together as a group. It worked well.

Picking up on His idea, we have a similar philosophy: to give students the opportunity to grow toward God and others in a small group setting. These small groups meet weekly for either a semester or a full year, and usually consist of between five and fifteen people. The reason small groups are the heart of our ministry is because we’ve seen them work to create an intimate community of Christians who, together, learn to love God and each other. They do this through prayer, encouragement, fun, and mutual accountability.

Small groups are the side of the CCF community where students can grow personally. We also feel it is vital for Christians to serve, so we have many ministries in which to get involved. In these ministries you can serve CCF by getting involved in things like worship, activities, media, food ministry and others. Or you can serve the bigger surrounding communities of Truman and Kirksville by going to the nursing home, helping international students adjust to life in Kirksville, or assisting families with children in the area. In CCF we encourage all students to grow personally in their relationship with Jesus and His Church through small groups and to reach out and serve the community through ministries.